Biggest Payouts in Sports Betting History

Biggest Payouts in Sports Betting History

These are some of the biggest sports betting results: biggest payout

There are many historic moments a sports bettor would cherish but nothing will be cherished more than your winning moments. This is because, these moments are the price of your efforts and your determinations. Here we will be revisiting some of the biggest payouts in the history of sports betting.

The 2.5 million win of Vegas Dave

Vegas Dave is no foreign to the world of sports betting. Now working as, a sports consultant, he provides consultations to sports bettors on the teams they should wager on. His most successful win as a sports bettor was gained in the 2015 MLB (Major League Baseball) season. Dave decided to place bets on the Kansas City Royals for the win even though it wasn’t the bookmarkers favourite to win the World’s Series.
Vegas Dave placed his bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the world series even though the bookmarker had them at 30/1 odds. Dave wagers rages from $500 to $25000on odds from 30/1 till 6/1. In total, Dave had $100 00 actioned on the Royals. When the Royals went ahead and beat the New York Mets in five games to win the season title, Vegas Dave bagged nearly $2.5 million win.

Jackpot for an engineer

Steve Whiteley is an ordinary man who worked as the heating engineer. One day on the 2011, he travelled by bus to the horse race and used a free ticket to get into the event. The 61-year old heating engineer left as a millionaire to home. When his friend urged him to place bets on the horse race, he decided to choose one horse for each race instead of two as he could not afford to pay £32, he decided that he will only pay £2.
Steve Whiteley was merely a race lover but he didn’t know anything about horse racing. He was only there because his friend had an extra ticket and gave it to him for free. Mr Whiteley managed to pick the winner for all the six events correctly. He even wagered on a horse that has been beaten consecutively in its last 28 races over hurdles. With a £2 bet, Steve Whiteley won nearly 2 million USD.

An anonymous bettor wins big with small bet

Bookmarkers will always remember the month November of 2011. This is because the wins always went to the bookmarkers favourite in each leg of the race. The bookmarkers were marking their wins a lot this season until the last leg of the English Premier League race.
In the last race, bookmarkers picked Chelsea as their favourite winner. Against that odds, an anonymous bettor from Malta correctly guessed all the races of this season including picking Liverpool as the winner during the match with Chelsea against the bookmarkers favourite. This bettor never wagered more than 1 USD on every race and won the nearly 740,000 USD against a 683,738/1 odds. He remains anonymous even after such a big win.
These are some of the biggest payouts in the sports betting results history. The reason why it should be called results is because, it is the mirror of your choices. Some of these winners shows that a big wager amount is not necessary as long as you are confident on your choice, willing to take some risk and bet against the bookmarkers favourite. Most of these people are A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Your Chances of Winning in Sports Betting that just followed some simple guide and trusted their gut feelings.

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