Top 3 Sports Betting Games You Need to Play

Top 3 Sports Betting Games You Need to Play

Want to try out online sports betting, these are some of the games that can be tried out

Some may find the world sports betting scary and baffling at start. As a start, sports bettors can place a bet on a sport that they actually enjoy during leisure time. There are some things that needs to be known before diving into the world of sports betting Sports Betting: Explained.This will help them ease into the world of sport betting. After easing in, there are a few games that sports bettors should try out such as football, entertainment and e-sports. These are a mixture of some newer, traditional and upcoming games.


E-sports betting is becoming big nowadays. Even though this type of betting is relatively new, it has been gaining a lot of attention lately and is expected to reach up to nearly $30 billion in value with 15.4 million individual placing bets by the year 2020 according to the Forbes.
Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular game among the e-sports industry and e-sports betting industry. Call of Duty (COD) and League of Legend (LoL) are games that have been around and well received by sports bettors and e-gamer. Overwatch on the other hand is an upcoming game in this industry. It is the newest and rated one of the best new game this year.

Entertainment Events

Entertainment betting is considered as one of the newest betting category. Many sports bettor and people didn’t know that bets can be placed on reality television shows, competitions and television series.
There are three types of entertainment bets. First is the moneyline bet, this is straightforward where players places bet on who they think is going to win. The next one is the over/under betting, players’ bets on the score if it is going to be higher or lower than what the sports
book places. The last form of betting is the spread betting; a bet will be placed on the difference of the votes among the contestant. Some of the famous events that you can try betting on is the Oscars, reality shows and the widely popular series nowadays, Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.


This sport is called either Football or Soccer depending on players’ location. This sport is one of the classic among sports bettor, some even argue that it is one of the most popular online sports betting game. One main reason why this sport is famous among sports bettor is, it is a good place for both advance and beginner sports bettor to dip their foot at. This is because soccer betting is known to be one of the easier sports to bet on.
New sports bettors would only need to know a few things before diving into the betting. The main events that attracts millions of sports bettors are the English Premier League that are widely regarded as the most popular domestic league, the La Liga that’s from Spanish, the Bundesliga from Germany, Ligue 1 from France, MLS from USA and last but no least the ever popular and loved, the World Cup. Even though the World cup only happens once every 4 years, it remains as one of the most iconic events for sports bettors.
These games have received and is receiving much love from sports bettors. These are just some of the many choices of games for sports bettors to try out. We all have our favourites and similarly, these games have received the most love from new and seasoned sports bettors.

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