A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Your Chances of Winning in Sports Betting

A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Your Chances of Winning in Sports Betting

These are some of the sports betting strategies and guides for new sports bettors

Sports betting can be a bit more challenging than the slots and other bet games. It requires more knowledge than the others. If done right, sport betting can add extra padding to your
bank balance and if done wrongly can start thinning it. This is why sports bettors should start by knowing some important rules in sports betting. The first thing that should be known is that you are not against the other sports bettors, everyone is against the “oddsmakers”.

Basic rules you should follow

The first one is to not wager like a fan. This is the most important bet out of all the other rules. This is because, some sports bettors favourite team might not be the best or the team that’s on the route to winning the main title. Feelings being swayed by favourite team is a big no for sports bettors.
The second one is don’t always follow the hype. It is known that as a new bettor, people are more prone to following the hype and betting on the most famous team or sports rather than doing their own homework. Following the hype is okay but only to an extent, but following own thoughts and opinions are more important.

What you need to know

The first and the most important thing that a new sports bettor needs to do is to learn about the odds in the sports betting. There are three odds types in sports betting which is the American odds, the decimal odds and the fractional odd. The easiest odd among the three is the decimal odds. This type of odd is popular among the continental Europe, Australia, New
Zealand and Canada. Players simply needs to calculate their return by: stake (amount bet) x decimal odd number.
Example: Team 1 – 6.00
Team 2 – 1.10
Team 3 – 16.00
If a bet of $100 is placed on team 1, then the total return that the sports bettor will receive if team 1 wins is 6.00 x $100 = $600. This includes the $100 that was the initial stake.

Tips to kick start your journey to a successful win

As a new sports bettor, the start of this journey must be slowly. Even though the whole situation can really excite and make one barge their way through the betting, it is very important to ease through the sports betting. This is so that the chances of winning can be increased by slowly starting and learning about sports betting.
Placing large amount of bets on the team favoured by the bookmarkers is one of the biggest mistake that most sports bettor will commit. This is not advisable as it can lead to unexpected results. It is best to place small wager amount on several matches so that the level of risk wouldn’t be too high.
Having a realistic expectation and betting with a clear mind is also very important. It is important to not see this as an only form of earning. It is important to set a realistic goal from the start as work your way to it slowly. It is also important not to follow heart, or be under any kind of influence while engaging in sports betting.
As a beginner sports bettor, everything will be very exciting and interesting. This therefore will lead many new sports bettor down to the wrong path and lose a lot of money. These steps will help to educate new sports bettors a little on sports betting. New sports bettors can also check out Sports Betting Tips and Strategies to use these sports betting strategies and increase their chances in raking some winnings.

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