New to Sports Betting? Here’s Where You Can Find the Largest Sports Betting Communities Online

New to Sports Betting? Here’s Where You Can Find the Largest Sports Betting Communities Online

What are some of the other communities that a new sports bettor can join other than a sports betting blog

Joining a sport betting community is almost a “must” for new sports bettors nowadays. These sports betting communities provides their community members with sports tips, list of the best bookmarkers, betting strategies, best bonuses, betting forums and many more. Sports betting blog is also something that could be found in these communities. Betting forum is where sports bettors shares their experiences, tips, strategies and just make friends with other sports bettors. Therefore, sites are created for sports bettors to visit and meet other sports bettors. Other than serving as a meeting points for sports bettors, these sites functions further by giving their visitors betting tips and all the other important things a sports bettor should know. There are some very famous forums that new sports bettors should check out.

Punters Lounge

Punters Lounge is one of the most famous sports betting community. It has been around for more than 18 years. It is even available to download from the apple and android app store, making it really easy to access for sports bettors anywhere and anytime. Punter Lounge sends their subscribers newsletters that has new features, free betting tips, some cash prize competitions and also other general betting information.
Punter Lounge provides their readers with betting predictions and tips. They also give information on best betting site, new bookmarkers, free bets, betting promotions and free bet with no deposit. As for the casino, this site informs their readers on the best casino sites, new casinos nowadays, casino bonuses, best slots sites, bingo sites and poker sites. They also have tips for different types of sports and last but not least, this sites opens up forums about the most popular event and happenings in the sports betting industry where sports bettors can get together and come together to give their opinion.

Sports review

Sports review is also one of the most famous sports betting community site. This site is a little different than the Punter Lounge. For first, this main page of this site contains the highest rated sportsbooks. It also has information on the Bitcoin and news on the bitcoin industry. There is many news on the sports betting industry in the term of economics and also sports news on the sports
This site has a YouTube page, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. This site also practices a loyalty program. All the readers had to do was create your SBR account and then win bet points. Readers will be able to cash out if they go SBR PRO. There are several ways to collect the betpoints such as joining the free sports betting contests, play for fun at the SBR Sports book, play on casino games, daily poker tournament, race, posting on the forum and many more other ways.


This site is a little different than Punter Lounge and Sportsbook Review. This site mainly focuses on the forum. It allows sports bettors to discuss their opinions on several different topics on sports betting. This site has blogs on sports as well. These blogs publish articles on different sports and also the sports odds. There are also articles putting two sports opponents together, analysing their strengths and weaknesses.
This site was involved in content production and online publishing of sports gaming since 1994. This site is the popular home to valuable sports gaming information and also one of the most well-known and established sports gaming forum. New sports bettors can also follow them on their twitter page.
All three sites have their differences. If sports bettors want a package including information, tips, strategies and also a forum, Punter Lounge would be the best choice. If important news on sports betting and the bitcoin is what a sports bettor is seeking for, then Sports Review
would be a perfect choice for them. If communicating with other sports bettors is the only reason on enrolling into a sports betting community, EveryEdge would be the perfect choice. All in all, there is a perfect something for everyone. Check out The Oddest Bets You Can Place On in Sports Betting to know some of the different types of bets that can be placed.

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