The Biggest Upcoming Sport Events That People Are Already Betting On

The Biggest Upcoming Sport Events That People Are Already Betting On

What are some of the sports betting events that are already attracting sports bettors

Sports betting has been evolving tremendously. It could be considered a big international business nowadays and when we say big, it is enormous. The estimated market is from $700 billion to $1 trillion. Ever wondered what event most people best on? Or what are some of the events that are people favourite. Betting markets nowadays lays so many different options of games for sports bettors to bet on.
Every year, sports bettors are laid with some major events that sees a lot of sports bettors betting on the particular sport. There are some significant events that attracts more sports bettors than the others. Despite being months or even years away, there are some very big events where sports bookers have released the odds of the events and even started accepting bets. Listed below are some of the biggest upcoming sport events that people are already betting on.

The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a football(soccer) game. This sports event can be deemed as the world’s most popular event. It is known that the FIFA World Cup pulls in the most money for sports betting, taking in an estimated of 70% of the total of $1 trillion every year. FIFA is the ultimate tournament in the football industry and calendar that occurs every four years. Even though this game only runs for one month, World Cup provides vast betting opportunities to all old and new sports bettors.
In World Cup, 210 different football groups, each representing one country will battle it out in the qualifying round through different stages until the number of teams are down to 32. This 32 team will then be further broken down to 8 groups with 4 football team each to battle out and score points. Bettors will be able to place their bets along the whole way of the competition. The estimated market that the FIFA World Cup brings is about $260 million. Though this is not an official number, this number is close to the governments estimation on the World Cup betting revenue.

March Madness

The other highlight sports event in the sports betting industry is the March Madness. Believe it or not, in the economic perspective, March Madness has been seen as an event that has a negative impact in the economic. This is because, many workers lose their productivity by going to work late after a late night game, watching games on the desk, constantly talking
about the game and also calling in sick so that they can watch the game. Despite all this, this event brings in big revenues for sports books.
March Madness is the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) division/ Men’s Basketball Tournament. This tournament features 68 college basketball team that fights for the championship. It is predicted that more than $10 billion would be wagered on this event.

The Super Bowl

When talking about the biggest sports event annually, the Super Bowl is a must mention. This event also would also take the reign for the most popular sports event every year. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. The Super Bowl was created to make a peace between the National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) as this two leagues were seen as rivals. Therefore, the winners from both this leagues will be competing in the Super Bowl. This sports event is among the mostwatched in the world and is only second to UEFA Champions.
The Super Bowl of the 2018 created a new record in the sports betting. The Eagles sticking to the Patriot brought in a staggering amount of $158.6 million worth of bets from sports bettors at the Nevada sportsbook. This enormous amount broke the record of the 2017 Super Bowl with the total bet amount of $138.5 million. According to the estimation made by the American Gaming Association, there will be at least 23 million sports bettors wagering on the Super Bowl competition.
This events might have enormous figures, but there are still some other sports game that attracts big number of sports bettors. It is known that sports betting is gaining more
popularity nowadays especially with it being legalised in many countries. There are even many sports betting communities New to Sports Betting? Here’s Where You Can Find the Largest Sports Betting Communities Online that have emerged because of the popularity of sports betting. We can only predict that the figures for these and other sports betting game will continue to increase.

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