The Oddest Bets You Can Place On in Sports Betting

The Oddest Bets You Can Place On in Sports Betting

What are some of the oddest bets that can be found in sports betting sites

It’s fair to say that bookies nowadays open wager placing on almost everything that’s interesting and that’s attracting the attention of the public. Sports betting sites nowadays are known to take any opportunities to open betting on any crisis or even big event. For example, the pregnancy of Prince Harry and Megan Markle created such a buzz that the bookmarker took it as an opportunity and opened a bet to guess the gender of the baby as well as the date of the baby’s birth.
Still think believing sports betting myths Myths You Still Believe about Sports Betting are weird? There is even weirder thing in the world of the sports betting. There are bets placed about the non-existence in this world such as the aliens, their existence and how will they come about in our world. To put all this in short, nowadays there are many weird and bizarre things that can be wagered on and some of them will be explained further in this article.

The Cornhole

Originated from Europe, this game has been popularised in the Midwest and South. It is a game that’s been around for a long time and is usually played by children but after becoming popular, this game has become an adults game where a two people pairs up and attempts to throw bags of corn kernels at holes that has been carved into two “dummy” boards. This is not a serious competition and it can be seen very evidently with the term “dummy” being used to explain the goal post in this competition.
Mostly this competition betting is just local but occasionally it is published and made international and that’s where the fun starts. Las Vegas actually have odds in this
tournaments with large bets placed. Places in Hong Kong have huge cornhole tournaments as well and they are considered a big deal there. The payouts for the bet winners are not bad and big as well.

Everything else

Everything else in this context means a lot of different things like celebrity wedding, celebrity dying, series ending, the royal family, politics and many more. Nowadays there are many different things that oddmakers use as a context to wager on. Celebrity weddings and deaths are some of the popular bets in the recent times.
There are polls that questions sports bettors and they will answer the question by placing a bet on the answer they think is right. This can be considered as a long term betting. For example, some sites have open betting for the question who will die first, and sports bettors are given a choice of Betty White and Carol Burnett. Therefore, they will go ahead and bet on whoever they want.

The Cow Chip Tossing

If you are wondering if this is made up, then don’t anymore as this competition is true and it is a tournament that people join. The cornhole has been pushed aside as the winner of a unique game and the cow chip tossing game has taken the reign. This game is actually very simple and straightforward; people throws cow chips which are petrified cow dungs to see who can throw the farthest.
The rules of this game is simple, one tosser gets two cow chips and the top 3 tosser that throws it the farthest wins. It is specific that the loose fragments don’t matter and only the
large chip landing is counted. There are certain specification of length and diameter that the cow chip has to follow to qualify into the competition.
These are only some of the oddest bets you can place as a sports bettor, there are many more that should be tried out. It is all down to interest, which game attracts attention to be tried out. For a long term investment, the celebrity wedding and series ending could be tried out. Whereas, if any sports bettors want to try out something whacky and out of the world, they can try out the cornhole and the cow chip tossing game.

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